Bring your date, and learn how to make fresh pasta with a professional chef (over video)


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I will teach you how to become a professional ravioli maker in this fun cooking workshop. Ravioli is big in flavor and super rustic—the perfect pasta to wow your guests. During this experience, you will learn how to make egg pasta from scratch and make a delicious filling. It’s going to be all hands on deck and you’ll become a master at rolling ravioli.

I learned how to make pasta when travelling around Italy and want to share the techniques with you. You'll learn how to roll pasta like an Italian nonna. Look forward to a fun, low key workshop - great for dates!


- Rolling pin (Or at least something round like a wine bottle... but be careful!)

Be prepared!
What to bring

- Flour,
– Egg,
– Salt,
– Pepper for the pasta dough
For the filling of the pasta I recommend ricotta and spinach(spinach needs to be pre-boiled and drained before the lesson starts).
-Cheese (parmesan would be best)