Cocktail making


Bring your date, and learn how to make your own cocktails together with a mixologist (over video of course)


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Sit down with our senior mixologist to learn about the enticing world of cocktails. We'll explore how to make aromatic and delicious drinks using simple ingredients you can find at home, as well as some of the science that goes into a balanced and compelling cocktail.
This session will give you intimate knowledge of the crafting process and a deeper understanding of how to make a perfect drink that you can recreate for special occasions, company, or just because! It's 5 o'clock somewhere, so bring your drinks date to your own home.


– A cocktail shaker (or other sealable container with a volume of at least 500ml).
– A muddle (or something suitable to crush berries in the bottom of the shaker).
– A bag and something to smash ice with - we'll be making crushed ice.
– Knife
– Citrus press
– Glass x3

Be prepared!
What to bring

- Cubed ice
- Blackberries x1 punnet
- Lemons x8
- Limes x5
- Small orange x2
- Cucumber x1
- Mint x1 bunch
- Hot sauce
- Worcester sauce
- Sugar x500g
- Earl Grey tea x2 tea bags
- Orange marmalade (4 tea spoons worth)
- Gin
- Bourbon (optional)